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Imens De 2 Andre er I Føtex

Thomas Eje


1. del: Coffee song - Minutvals - Me and my shadow - Ingen faktura - So danco samba - I get so angry - Come fly with me - Vi siger tak for 1. akt. 2. del: Blues Brothers medley. Gammel dansk: Glunterne - June night - Take it easy - To be or not to be. Victor Borge: Clair de lune. Dueling banjoes - Pick yourself up - Still got the blues - Czardas - Vi siger tak for 2. akt. Medvirkende: Thomas Eje

Item details

Media DVD
Release date 06/10-2003
Release country Danmark
EAN/UPC 0724349067295
Label TTC
Udgivelse DVD4906729
Genre Dansk Pop
Weight 107 gram
Regionskode Region 2 (Europa)
Undertekster Danish
Bemærk Movie may not be subtitled in English