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DVD: Linda Hamilton: Terminator 1 - 4 [Box set] (2009)

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Linda Hamilton
Terminator 1 - 4
Cover: DVD: Linda Hamilton: Terminator 1 - 4 [Box set] (2009)
In case cover and title do not match, the title is correct
Released :
EU, 23/11-2009
Science Fiction
Cat. no.
Weight (estimated):
310 gram
Special cover:
Box set
2 (Europa)
Movie may not be subtitled in English
Not available

1 - 4 BOX SET

Includes the films THE TERMINATOR, TERMINATOR 2 - JUDGEMENT DAY, and TERMINATOR 3 - RISE OF THE MACHINES and TERMINATOR - SALVATION. In THE TERMINATOR, a ruthless cyborg travels to present-day Earth on a strange mission. He must kill Sarah Connor, a woman whose unborn child is destined to become a powerful enemy of the world's future leaders. In TERMINATOR 2 - JUDGEMENT DAY, Sarah Connor has a son called John, now aged ten. For her the nightmare has almost passed, that is until a second terminator is sent to end the life of the future resistance leader. In TERMINATOR 3 - RISE OF THE MACHINES, John Connor has been living in fear of the events that haunted his early years. T-X--the most powerful machine from Skynet--is sent from the future to kill Connor and the woman that he will eventually marry. In order to protect Connor, the Human Resistance sends a new machine, the T-101 and together they must defeat T-X to ensure the safety of the human race. In TERMINATOR SALVATION, after reinvigorating the world of the Caped Crusader with BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, Christian Bale turns his talents to an altogether different franchise with this fourth film in the TERMINAROR series. The Welsh actor plays John Connor, who joins forces with Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) to battle Skynet.

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