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The World State


The World State is the name of Danish composer Leif Nielsen´s (ex. January Jaunt) dream music project.

Brewed on his high ambitions and a lifelong worship of weird old movie soundtracks, rock, metal and classical music, he has succeded in getting his ideas of music as it should be, down on the tracks.

In 2009, he began the writing process and to seek out the right line-up of musicians for the first release under the banner of The World State.

This has now resulted in two EP´s "Flier" being the first, and the second "Traced Through Dust And Time" to be released in late 2013.

The World State is:

Leif Nielsen - Bass, Harmonium, Autoharp & Etc.

Monika Pedersen - Vocals

Andreas Schubert - Guitars

Ronny Sorensen - Drums & Percussion

Christian Dalmer - Piano, Rhodes & Synthesizers

Mads Lauridsen - Drums on "When The Blackening Shows"

Strings arranged by Leif Nielsen and Mette Dahl Kristensen

Performed by `Who Killed Bambi´


Medie 10"   (10" VINYL)
Udgivet 20/05-2013
EAN/UPC 5710385008694
Label Death Rides A Horse Agency
Estimeret vægt 150 gram

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