Big Bang Theory

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Monopoly The Big Bang Theory - Cruise your way around sunny Pasadena as you work your way around the board in The Big Bang Theory Monopoly. Choose one of seven collectable tokens, including Leonards Glasses, and go for broke as you negotiate key locations like the Physics Department Cafeteria and Mrs Wolowitzs house! building colliders and super colliders. Box Contains: 1 x game board, 60 x cards, 12 x houses, 2 x hotels, 2 x dice, 1 x speed die, custom money, 1 x tray, 1 x cloth bag, 6 x special tokens and instructions.

Medie Brætspil     SPIL   (Brætspil / Board Game)
Udgivet 2015
EAN/UPC 5036905024037
Katalognr. 24037
Mål 400 mm
Vægt 950 g
Sprog Engelsk  

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