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Album by Album

David Bowie


David Bowie is a shape-shifting, genre-twisting genius whose 27 albums over 40 years reveal a creative bigamist marrying pop and art, theatre and rock, fashion and film, sound and style. Bowie: Album by Album is the ultimate celebration of the entire career of the icon. Longtime fans and new followers alike can explore in detail every album and every trackfrom his eponymous 1967 debut album, through his unbeatable rise of seventies classics including The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Station to Station, Low, and Heroes, to rare gems like The Buddha of Suburbia and his critically acclaimed 2003 album Reality.

The illustrations present a galaxy of rare and iconic images from the world?s leading photographers. Fans will love iconic images from album covers and performances, of Bowie wearing outrageous outfits and surrealist makeup from across the decades. These are combined with more intimate, behind-the-scenes images that reveal the musician at work. Written by acclaimed music critic Paolo Hewitt, the text assesses the writing and recording of each release, and reflects on their impact and influence on the art of popular music. Featuring a discography of studio albums, live albums, notable compilations and soundtracks, this is the essential companion to David Bowie?s legendary achievements.




Medie BOG
Udgivelsesdato 30/10-2017
ISBN13 9781608872602
Forlag INSGH 9781608872602
Genre Popular
Antal sider 288
Mål 295 × 249 × 33 mm
Vægt 2.064 gram
Sprog Engelsk