Good Vibrations. My Life As A Beach Boy

Mike Love

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Mike Love is a founding member, lyricist and vocalist of The Beach Boys, considered to be the most popular American band in history, with 13 Gold Albums, 55 top-100 singles, and four number 1 hits. In this book, he tells the unique story of his legendary, chaotic, and ultimately triumphant five-decade tenure as the front man of The Beach Boys.


448 pages

Medie Bøger     Bog
Udgave Main edition
Udgivet Storbritannien, 15/09-2016
ISBN13 9780571324675
Forlag FABER
Katalognr. 9780571324675
Genre Pop
Antal sider 448
Mål 165 × 242 × 41 mm
Vægt 772 gram
Sprog Engelsk