Theology of Post Reformation Lutheranism Volume I

Robert D Preus

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This is an exhaustive, scholarly study of the age of Lutheran orthodoxy, the period from 1577 to 1713, in which Lutheran doctrine was developed, systematized, and defended by theologians such as Melanchthon, Chemnitz, Gerhard, Calov, Quenstedt, and other.

In the first section, the author analyzes the rise and decline of Lutheran orthodoxy, indicating the main contributions of the major theologians.

In the second section, the author analyzes the orthodox Lutheran approaches to the theological prolegomena--the methodology of theology, the relationships between natural and revealed religion, the nature of theology, and the training and posture of the theologian.

The third section gives a thorough discussion of the orthodox theologians' approach to Scripture--its inspiration, authority, interpretation, reliability, and efficacy.

Volume 1 of 2.

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Udgivet 1970
ISBN13 9780758634641
Forlag Concordia Publishing House
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