The Sod House

Cass G. Barns

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"No one so well knows the life of pioneer settlements," writes Addison E. Sheldon in the foreword to this book, "as the country doctor, and the country editor, and it might be added, the country postmaster who (in the popular pioneer belief) knew every letter written or received by every person in the community and read all the postcards." No wonder, then, that Dr. Sheldon considered Cass G. Barns uniquely well equipped as a local historian, for Barns served his community in all three capacities. A country doctor who combined farming with medicine, he had a part in the founding and management of the first industries of Boone County, Nebraska, became the editor of a newspaper, county commissioner, and postmaster.

The Sod House is a personal narrative?the intimate story of the settlement and frontier years (1867-1897) of the Nebraska prairie country lying between the Elkhorn and Loup rivers. In the worlds of Dr. Sheldon, himself a pioneer Nebraskan, "It preserves for all future generations a faithful picture of the period and the region which it describes."

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released USA, 1970
ISBN13 9780803257009
Publisher University of Nebraska Press
Pages 303
Dimensions 203 × 133 × 20 mm
Weight 363 g
Language English