Korean and English Nursery Rhymes: Wild Geese, Land of Goblins and Other Favorite Songs and Rhymes

Danielle Wright

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A charming collection of fourteen well-loved verses, Korean and English Nursery Rhymes is an excellent introduction to Korean language and culture for young readers. Includes an audio disc with 14 rhymes in English and Korean.


32 pages, Audio disc with 14 rhymes in English and Korean; color illustrations

Medie Bøger     Bog
Udgave Bilingual edition
Udgivet USA, 01/05-2018
ISBN13 9780804849982
Forlag Tuttle Publishing
Antal sider 32
Mål 244 × 288 × 11 mm
Vægt 499 gram
Sprog Engelsk  
Illustrator Acraman, Helen