Lectionary - Sunday Mass (Chapel)

Catholic Book Publishing Co

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Approved English translation of this liturgical book for the United States that went into use on November 29, 1998. Formatted to make it as pastoral, practicable, and functional as possible. Cycles A, B, and C are included in one volume.   Special Features: ?  12 pt. Type ?  Sense-Line Format ?  Includes Ribbon Markers ?  Durable, Attractive Binding ?  Magnificently Illustrated

Medie Bøger     Hardcover bog   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Udgave Revised edition
Udgivet 1998
ISBN13 9780899420318
Forlag Catholic Book Publishing Corp
Mål 61 × 188 × 290 mm
Vægt 1.429 gram
Sprog Engelsk