Wade and Shoreline Fishing the Potomac River for Smallmouth Bass: the Catchguide Series Chain Bridge to Harpers Ferry

Steve Moore

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To catch fish, you need to know where to fish.

"I read your book today and it is excellent. I have been a guide on the Shenandoah and Potomac for more than 30 years and your descriptions from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry are excellent."

This edition adds one new access point and updates regulations impacting a number of others

In this book, Steve shares his years of experience fishing one of the East Coast's best, yet most underrated, smallmouth rivers - the Upper Potomac. This book literally walks the reader 57 miles upstream starting at the Chain Bridge in the District of Columbia to end at Dam 3 above Harpers Ferry.

Given a picture is worth 1,000 words, the book includes over 200 augmented with 42 maps and 45 tables of critical information allowing you to determine the right place to go and the right time to be there.

Other Potomac books assume you have a boat; this one assumes you fish on your feet. Steve dedicates the entire book to guiding you to locations where you can wade or fish from the shore. It includes 33 named chapters discussing the major access points in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Many contain additional information on minor access points within the same area; expanding the total geographic coverage dramatically. This book is "internet aware" and includes 208 GPS coordinates usable in Google Maps for precise directions as well as to open the satellite view to obtain a birds-eye perspective.

Kayak and canoe fishing enthusiasts will find this book to be equally useful.

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