My Demon's Kiss

Lucy Blue

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Marc Notes: Copyright date 2005.; Pocket Books romance--Spine.; An original publication of Pocket Books--T.p. verso. Publisher Marketing: The first novel in a seductive new medieval romance series A valiant warrior... Wearied by the violence of the Crusades, Simon, Knight of Lyan, is returning home to Ireland when he is attacked by a vampire and transformed into a creature of the night. His only chance for redemption is to find an ancient treasure of legend -- the power of which can restore his humanity. A brilliant beauty... Young Isabel of the Castle Charmot knows that her freedom and the preservation of her family's estate depend not only on her comeliness, but on an intricate deception of her own design. Thus far, her ruse has kept potential enemies and amorous suitors at bay -- until the mysterious visitor appears at her door, asking to explore the catacombs of her keep. A desperate desire... In each other, Simon and Isabel find the comfort and trust to share their separate secrets -- and a shared passion they never thought possible. But when the sinister creature that cursed Simon to darkness arises once more, the doomed knight must choose between saving his immortal soul and claiming the heart of the only woman he's ever loved.... Review Citations: Ingram Paperback Advance 01/01/2005 pg. 38 (EAN 9780743464482, Mass Market Paperbound) Booklist 12/01/2004 pg. 640 (EAN 9780743464482, Mass Market Paperbound) Romantic Times 01/01/2005 pg. 32 (EAN 9780743464482, Mass Market Paperbound) Contributor Bio:  Blue, Lucy Artist Isabel Samaras's work has been featured in numerous books, magazines, television shows, and a documentary film. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 15/11-2010
ISBN13 9781451612844
Forlag Pocket Books
Antal sider 368
Mål 203 × 127 × 21 mm
Vægt 399 gram
Sprog Engelsk