Lift-the-Flap Questions & Answers about Growing Up - Lift-the-Flap Questions & Answers

Katie Daynes

What's the point of belly buttons? When will my voice go deep? Why do I have to go to bed? Curious children can find out about growing up and puberty, hormones, periods, shaving and much more in this entertaining book with over 60 flaps to lift. There are helpful tips on coping with growing up, and links to websites with more information, too.


14 pages, full colour throughout

Medie Bøger     Tavlebog   (Bog med sider i tyk pap)
Udgivet Storbritannien, 11/07-2019
ISBN13 9781474940122
Forlag Usborne Publishing Ltd
Antal sider 14
Mål 222 × 282 × 18 mm
Vægt 536 gram
Illustrator Laslo, Shelley