Windows 8.1 Shortcut Keys: a Complete List of Windows 8.1 Shortcuts

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Publisher Marketing: Search no more for Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcut list, because here it is today neatly and completely compiled only waiting for your "Add to Basket" order. This book contains a complete list of all the shortcut keys of windows 8.1 starting from: Top keyboard shortcuts, New keyboard shortcuts, General Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Logo Key keyboard shortcuts, Dialog Box Keyboard shortcut, File Explorer keyboard shortcuts, Taskbar keyboard shortcuts, Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts, Magnifier keyboard shortcuts, Narrator keyboard shortcuts, Narrator Touch keyboard shortcuts, Remote keyboard shortcuts, Desktop Connection on the desktop keyboard shortcuts, Windows Help Viewer keyboard shortcuts, App Rearranging keyboard shortcuts. And the Keyboard shortcut list of all the apps of windows 8.1 such as: Ms. Paint, Ms. WordPad, Calculator and many others. If you are not good at shortcutting, there are ten (10) keyboard shortcut you should at least know as a computer user, this book explains and tells you more about those shortcuts. I will advise that you use your computer to its uttermost point, if you've got one, not to turn it to a sculpture or make it one of your sit-and-look belongings.

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Udgivet 14/08-2015
ISBN13 9781516889433
Forlag Createspace
Antal sider 56
Mål 229 × 152 × 3 mm
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Sprog Engelsk