Who Should Be Included In, and Who Excluded From, the Club of Rights-holders?

Soren Andersen

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Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject Philosophy - Practical (Ethics, Aesthetics, Culture, Nature, Right, ...), University of Manchester (Political Theory), language: English, abstract: The structure of the text is as follows: I shall first give a very brief account of what it means to have a right, based on the Hohfeldian view, in order to understand the common framework upon which most modern rights-theory is founded. I will then move on to explain the rationales of the use of either choice theory or interest theory in the explanation of rights. This short theoretical introduction will serve as a base for the actual question of whether animals should belong in the category of rights holders. 2 Determining Rights-holders The Case of Animals In this section I will present some of the views of the aforementioned authors and critically assess and reflect on them.

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Udgivet 22/03-2010
ISBN13 9783640569267
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