An Investigation into the Role Faith Plays in Political Decision Making, Through the Eyes of Christians in Parliament All-party Group Members

Joshua Bell

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - Miscellaneous, grade: 2:1 68%, University of Lincoln, course: Religion and Politics, language: English, abstract: This research paper aimed to find out the extent to which faith plays a part in the political decision making of Christian MPs. The MPs who were used in this study were from Christians in Parliament All-Party Group. The desire to investigate this topic derives from a deep personal interest in politics, combined with a sense of intrigue towards the influence of faith. Interviews took place with seven MPs, in order to question them about the role of their Christian faith as they work within the political arena. These interviews took place in London and consisted of nine questions, dealing with three concise topics; the Christians in Parliament group, personal influences of faith and the future of religion and politics. Amongst a great deal of interesting data, there were a number of key themes that can be drawn from this research. Christian MPs have a unique pressure upon them which derives from their faith and having to balance this in their job as a politician. In response to this pressure, this paper has found that MPs are determined in their endeavours to keep the Christian faith embedded in British society. Also, this paper has highlighted the great extent to which faith impacts individual MPs decision making. Overall, this research has furthered understanding of the impact of faith on Christian MPs and the extent to which this affects their decision making processes. It has enabled us to recognise the constant conflict faced by Christian MPs. This research has also raised awareness of the challenges for Christian members, whilst highlighting the debate regarding the extent to which religion continues to play a part in politician's decision making. As well providing a compelling insight, this work is a platform for deeper research into this area of study.

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