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Curious Moments

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Curious Moments

Photojournalists are constantly hunting for "the right moment". Now, you can admire the fruits of their labours in this volume of photographs - grinning in amazement, we guarantee you won't be able to tear yourself away once you open its cover! These humorous press photographs daringly walk the tightrope between world history and everyday life, for it is often the small miracles and catastrophes of daily life that provide newspapers with the visual material that leads us to delve further into the newspaper at the breakfast table. Out of the body of material arose a documentation of the history of the prevailing mentality during the first half of the 20th century: the results range from the merely comical to the eccentric, from the weird to the bizarre. The guiding aim of this volume is to trace the visions and wishes, the fears and the absurdities of people in an age of world economic crises and wars. "Curious Moments", captured by press photographers from around the world, is a highly unique historical treasure trove of insights and information!

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ISBN13 9783833121920
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