Roaming Sapiens - Søren Rasmussen - Bøger - Gyldendal - 9788702302646 - 25/9-2020

Roaming Sapiens

Søren Rasmussen

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Roaming Sapiens

Roaming Sapiens is a book about the wonders of nature seen through the eyes of a connoisseur and a storyteller. Based on stories from his own travels in all parts of the world, Søren Rasmussen takes us through the many complex processes in nature, turns the most difficult topics into fascinating narratives that explain how nature works, how it all started and how we, Homo sapiens, fit into this puzzle. Biodiversity described and explained with such empathy that it leaves the reader with a feeling of deep respect and fascination, and not least a better understanding of our own role in nature.


Media Books     Sewn Spine Book   (Book with soft cover and high quality sewn spine)
Edition 1st edition, 1st printing
Released 25/9-2020
ISBN13 9788702302646
Publisher Gyldendal
Genre Natural sciences
Pages 430
Dimensions 212 × 160 × 35 mm
Weight 877 g
Language Danish  
Original language Danish