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40 Tours Around the Sun



When Hold The Line crashed into the charts all over the world in 1978 Toto had no idea how long their career would last. 40 years later Toto celebrate their career with this stunning concert at Amsterdams Ziggodome performing their monster hits Africa, Rosanna, Hold The Line, Stop Loving Youand many more. In addition 40 Tours Around The Sun features a Storytellers segment in which the bands four key figures, David Paich, Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams, plunder their back catalogue, describe the background behind their first demo and reveal the genesis of Michael Jackson's Human Naturewritten by the bands Steve Porcaro. In front of 17,000 fans this concert features songs from Totos first album to their latest release and includes rarely played gems such as the complex instrumental Jake To The Boneand the theme to David Lynch's Dune.

The DVD extras package includes exclusive interview footage with the band on the eve of the show as they discuss how their fathers' Hollywood careers brought these immensely gifted players together and launched them into the hearts of music fans around the world.




Medie CD/DVD   (CD og DVD)
Antal enheder × 3
Udgivet 22/03-2019
EAN/UPC 5051300210724
Katalognr. 505130021072
Genre Rock
Estimeret vægt 200 gram
Sprog Engelsk

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