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 Cliff Richard - Platinum Collection

Cliff Richard


Three CD definitive collection from legendary Pop icon Sir Cliff Richard. This compilation brings together all of his biggest hits, both solo and with The Shadows, from a career that has spanned more than five decades. Classic songs including 'Living Doll', 'Summer Holiday', 'Some People', 'My Pretty One', 'Dreamin'', 'We Don't Talk Anymore', 'Devil Woman' and 'Congratulations' are all featured here. EMI. 2006.




Medie   CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder   × 3
Udgivet   Australien,   14/11-2005
EAN/UPC   0094633380325
Label   Emi
Katalognr.  3338032
Genre   Rock/Pop
Estimeret vægt   248 gram


  1. Move It
  2. High Class Baby
  3. Mean Streak
  4. Living Doll
  5. Travellin' Light
  6. A Voice in the Wilderness
  7. Fall in Love with You
  8. Please Don't Tease
  9. Nine Times out of Ten
  10. I Love You
  11. Theme for a Dream
  12. Gee Whiz It's You
  13. A Girl Like You
  14. When the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your...
  15. The Young Ones
  16. Do You Wanna Dance
  17. I'm Looking out the Window
  18. It'll Be Me
  19. The Next Time
  20. Bachelor Boy
  21. Summer Holiday
  22. Lucky Lips
  23. It's All in the Game
  24. Don't Talk to Him
  25. I'm the Lonely One
  26. Constantly
  27. On the Beach
  28. The Twelfth of Never
  29. I Could Easily Fall (In Love with You)
  30. The Minute You're Gone
  31. On My Word
  32. Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)
  33. Blue Turns To Grey
  34. Visions
  35. Time Drags By
  36. In The Country
  37. It's All Over
  38. The Day I Met Marie
  39. All Of My Love
  40. Congratulations
  41. Good Times (Better Times)
  42. Big Ship
  43. Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha
  44. Sing A Song Of Freedom
  45. Power To All Our Friends
  46. (You Keep Me) Hangin' on
  47. Miss You Nights
  48. Devil Woman
  49. My Kinda Life
  50. We Don't Talk Anymore
  51. Carrie
  52. Dreamin'
  53. A Little Love
  54. Wired For Sound
  55. Daddy's Home (Live)
  56. The Only Way Out
  57. True Love Ways (Live)
  58. Please Don't Fall In Love
  59. My Pretty One
  60. Some People
  61. The Best Of Me
  62. I Just Don't Have The Heart
  63. Stronger Than That
  64. Silhouettes (Live)
  65. From a Distance (Live)
  66. I Still Believe In You
  67. Peace In Our Time
  68. Can't Keep This Feeling In
  69. The Millennium Prayer a Capella Version)
  70. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World
  71. Somethin' Is Goin' On
  72. I Cannot Give You My Love
  73. What Car
CD 2
  1. Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)
  2. Blue Turns to Grey
  3. Visions
  4. Time Drags by
  5. In the Country
  6. It's All over
  7. The Day I Met Marie
  8. All My Love (Solo Tu)
  9. Congratulations
  10. Good Times (Better Times)
  11. Big Ship
  12. Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha
  13. Sing a Song of Freedom
  14. Power to All Our Friends
  15. (You Keep Me) Hangin' on
  16. Miss You Nights
  17. Devil Woman
  18. My Kinda Life
  19. We Don't Talk Anymore
  20. Carrie
  21. Dreamin'
  22. A Little in Love
  23. Wired for Sound
  24. Daddy's Home (Live)
CD 3
  1. The Only Way out
  2. True Love Ways (Live)
  3. Please Don't Fall in Love
  4. My Pretty One
  5. Some People
  6. The Best of Me
  7. I Just Don't Have the Heart
  8. Stronger Than That
  9. Silhouettes (Live)
  10. From a Distance (Live)
  11. I Still Believe in You
  12. Peace in Our Time
  13. Can't Keep This Feeling in
  14. The Millennium Prayer (Live)
  15. Somewhere over the Rainbow/wonderful World
  16. Somethin's Goin' on
  17. I Cannot Give You My Love
  18. What Car?