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 The Sufferer and the Witness

Rise Against


UK version of their 2006 release features one bonus track: 'Built To Last'. Chicagos Rise Against is anything but a single-minded musical outfit. An astounding fusion of unhinged power, ear-grasping melodies, stimulating lyrics and the ability to reach audiences in both underground and mainstream circles, they have redefined the rules. The Sufferer & The Witness, their fourth album, continues to build upon the solid punk foundation - it is a striking collection, with Rise Against using elements from spoken word, expanded balladry, and simply plodding forward with a faster, harder, louder ethic. Polydor.


Medie   CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet   03/07-2006
EAN/UPC   0602517010994
Katalognr.  1701099
Genre   Punk
Estimeret vægt   124 gram