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Smote Reverser

Oh Sees


Crack the coffers, Oh Sees have spawned another frothy album of head-destroying psych epics to grok and rock out to.

Aside from the familiar psych-scorch familiar to soggy pit denizens the world over, theres a fresh heavy-prog vibe that fits like a worn-in jean jacket comfortably among hairpin metal turns and the familiar but no less horns-worthy guitar fireworks Dwyers made his calling card. Perhaps the most notable thing about Smote Reverser is the artistic restlessness underpinning its flights of fancy. Dwyer refuses to repeat himself and for someone with such a hectic release schedule, that stretching of aesthetic borders and omnivorous appetite seems all the more superhuman.




Medie CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet 17/08-2018
EAN/UPC 0647603401522
Label CAS.F
Katalognr. CLFC110.2
Genre Rock
Estimeret vægt 124 gram
Sprog Engelsk