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Dual Core Anni '80 Presents Italo Disco


Medie CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet 16/11-2018
EAN/UPC 8019991790243
Label TIME
Katalognr. TIME1375CDDP
Genre Dance
Estimeret vægt 186 gram


  1. Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray) ''comanchero''
  2. Cube ''two Heads Are Better Than One''
  3. Topo & Roby ''under the Ice''
  4. Italian Boys ''forever Lovers''
  5. Savage ''don't Cry Tonight''
  6. Cube ''prince of the Moment''
  7. Ray Cooper ''breakdown''
  8. Gary Low ''la Colegiala''
  9. Evelyn Barry ''take It As a Game'' (New Super Remix)
  10. Gaz Nevada ''i.c. Love Affair''
  11. Rose ''magic Carillon''
  12. Paul Paul ''good Times''
  13. Radiorama ''chance to Desire''
  14. Band of Jocks ''let's All Dance'' (English Version)
  15. Hot Cold ''love is Like a Game''
  16. Miko Mission ''how Old Are You?'' (Original Edit Mix)
  17. Silver Pozzoli ''around My Dream''
  18. Valerie Dore ''the Night''
  19. Visions ''everybody''
  20. Riccardo Cioni in America (Go Head Go High)
  21. M&g ''when I Let You Down''
  22. Scotch ''disco Band''
  23. P. Lion ''happy Children''
  24. Albert One ''for Your Love''
  25. Koto ''japanese War Game''
CD 2
  1. Kano ''another Life''
  2. Sandy Marton ''people from Ibiza'' (Ibiza Remix)
  3. Ll Never Change No More)''
  4. Torrevado ''living in the Shuttle''
  5. Club House ''do It Again / Billie Jean''
  6. Vivien Vee ''higher''
  7. Mr. Flagio ''take a Chance'' (Original Mix)
  8. My Mine ''hypnotic Tango''
  9. Duke Lake ''do You''
  10. Brando ''rainy Day''
  11. Fun Fun ''happy Station''
  12. S Gang ''happy Song''
  13. Klein & Mbo ''the Mbo Theme (Dirty Talk)''
  14. Taffy ''i Love My Radio''
  15. Ryan Paris ''dolce Vita''
  16. Moses ''our Revolution''
  17. Styloo ''pretty Face''
  18. Scotch ''mirage''
  19. Mike Cannon ''voices in the Dark''
  20. Ken Laszlo ''hey Hey Guy''
  21. The Creatures ''maybe One Day''
  22. Fake ''donna Rouge''
  23. Phaeax ''talk About''
  24. Ago ''for You''
  25. Wish Key ''orient Express''