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Time Further out

Dave Quartet Brubeck


Having had major success with the 1959 LP 'Time Out', it is no surprise that Dave Brubeck decided on a follow-up which came in the shape of the 1961 album 'Time Further Out'. Once again, Dave plays about with various unusual time signatures, The album tracks are arranged in increasing order of time signatures, starting with It's a Raggy Waltz in 3/4 and closing with Blue Shadows in the Street in 9/4. Time Further Out was generally considered a worthy successor to Time Out, peaking at Number 8 on the Billboard album chart. Dave Brubeck has left a considerable legacy to succeeding generations. He was determined to synthesise all that he felt was good in music, and he always did so with a touch of humour.




Medie LP   (LP VINYL)
Udgivet 19/01-2018
EAN/UPC 5060348582571
Label NOT N IMT4858257.1
Genre Jazz
Estimeret vægt 200 gram
Sprog Engelsk