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Following a debut album that included the highest-charting single ever recorded by a Jamaican artist in Jamaica, Sean Paul broke into the mainstream with his hit track"Gimme the Light," and succeeded in bringing the sounds of dancehall to UK audiences. With his unique style, Sean has long been a leader of Jamaican reggae music, as well as being a huge influence on hip hop artists; now, audiences can hear Sean Paul's story in his own words on DUTTYOLOGY, complete with a live concert from Toronto and plenty of behind the scenes footage. DUTTYOLOGY is nearly two hours with Sean Paul that will make audiences get busy and move!




Medie Film     DVD
Udgivet Holland, 08/01-2019
EAN/UPC 0085365314023
Katalognr. 0085365314023
Genre Popular
Estimeret vægt 124 gram
Spilletid 01:50:00
Region Region 2 (Europa)
Lydformat Dolby Digital 2.0 Dolby Digital 5.1
Billedformat 4:3
Sprog Engelsk  
Undertekster Dansk Engelsk Tysk Spansk Fransk Italiensk Portugisisk


  1. Backstage Antics Sean Paul & Crew (Featuring in
  2. Sumfest Bumper (Featuring Top of the Game)
  3. Super 8 Footage of Jamaica (Featuring Punkie)
  4. Sean Paul on Bus (Punkie Background)
  5. Late Night Rehearsal Bumper (Featuring Top of the
  6. Arrive at Rehearsal House (Featuring Concrete)
  7. Jeremy H. Interview/sean Paul Rehearsing (Concret
  8. Cecile Interview/sean Paul & Cecile Rehearse (Feat
  9. Greg Kenner Interview (Make It Clap Background)
  10. Sprung Footage (Get Busy Background)
  11. Sean Paul Rehearsing Inside (Featuring Egyptian)
  12. Tanisha & Female Dancers (Make It Clap Backgroun
  13. Sean Paul Last Rehearsal Track (Featuring Get Bus
  14. Day Two Rehearsal Bumper (Featuring Top of the Ga
  15. Kim Yamagucci Interview/sean Paul & Jason at Hot
  16. Arrival at Rehearsal House (Featuing Gimme the Li
  17. Farenheit I.d. (Gimme the Light Background)
  18. Mr. Biggaz Interview/dancers (Make It Clap Backg
  19. Dainte Crime Dancers (Featuring Make It Clap)
  20. Girls Rehearsing (Featuing Gimme the Light)
  21. Sean Paul & Kid Kurupt Rehearsing (Gimme the Ligh
  22. Kid Kurup Featured Rehearsing (Featuring Egyptian
  23. Sean Paul & Loogaman Interview. (Gimme the Light
  24. Loogaman Featured Rehearsing
  25. Sean Paul & Crew Leaving Rehearsal House (Featurin
  26. Bumper, Reggae Sumfest, Showtime (Featuring Top O
  27. Sean Paul & Crew Arriving at Sumfest (Featuring L
  28. Gabe Interview (T.k.o. Performing)
  29. Tanisha Backstage (T.k.o. Performing)
  30. Cecile Backstage (T.k.o. Performing)
  31. Jason Interview Backstage (T.k.o. Performing)
  32. Band Meeting (T.k.o. Performing)
  33. Sean Paul Performing on Sumfest Stage (Featuring
  34. Sean Paul Performing 2nd Song at Sumfest (Featurin
  35. Sean Paul Int. Cut with Sum Performance (Egyptian
  36. Sean Paul Still Performing 2nd Song at Sumfest (Fe
  37. Kid Kurupt & Sean Paul Perform to Same Song (Fea
  38. Sean Paul Delivers 3rd Song on Stage (Featuring L
  39. Sean Paul & Cecile Perform at Sumfest (Featuring
  40. Sean Paul 4th Song at Sum (Featuring Ever Blazing
  41. Sean Paul 5th Song at Sum (Featuring Shake That T
  42. Sean Paul Int. Cut with Sumfest Show (Shake That
  43. Sean Paul Continues with Song (Featuring Shake Th
  44. Sean Paul Delivers Song 5 (Featuring Get Busy)
  45. Sean Paul Int. Cut with Song 5 (Get Busy Backgro
  46. Sean Paul Leaving Stage (Featuring Get Busy)
  47. Sean Paul Int. Backstage (Bootylicious Backgroun
  48. Sean Paul & Beenie Man Backstage (Jumpin Backgro
  49. Sean Paul & Beenie at Sprung 2003 Edit (Featurin
  50. Sean Paul, Beenie Int. Cont. (Jumpin Background)
  51. Sean Paul in Press Area (Featuring My Name)
  52. Sean Paul V.o. in Press Area (My Name Background
  53. Sean Paul Hugging Girl (Featuring My Name)
  54. Fans & Peeps Bumper (Featuring Top of the Game)
  55. Best Buy Instore (Featuring Dutty Rock Into)
  56. 2 Djs Singing Like Glue (Featuring Like Glue)
  57. Sean Paul Photo Shoot (Featuring Like Glue)
  58. Sean Paul, Virgin Instore Performance (Featuring
  59. Mmva's Bumper (Featuring Top of the Game)
  60. Sean Paul Arrives at Mmva's, Rehearsal (Featuring
  61. Sean Paul on Stage Rehearsing, Mmva's (Featuring
  62. Sean Paul Footage of His Performance in '2000' on
  63. Sean Paul Heading to Stage for His Performance Mmv
  64. Sean Paul Backstage (Featuring Chat Bout)
  65. Sean Paul on Stage Mmva's (Featuring Get Busy)
  66. Mmva Int., Award Edit, Sean Paul Acceptance (Gimm
  67. Bumper, Gimme the Light (Featuing Gimme the Lig
  68. Gimme the Light Video Clip (Featuring Gimme the
  69. Deport Dem Video Clip (Featuring Deport Dem)
  70. Hot Gal Video Clip (Featuring Hot Gal)
  71. Gimme the Light Edit (Gimme the Light Backgrou
  72. Gimme the Light Video (Featuring Gimme the Ligh
  73. Bumper Get Busy (Featuring Get Busy)
  74. Little X, Get Busy Concept (Get Busy Backgroun
  75. Sean Paul Sings Get Busy a Capella (Featuring G
  76. Sean Paul Continues a Capella (Featuring Get Busy
  77. Little X Talks, Sean Paul Sings a Capella in Backg
  78. Get Busy Footage (Featuring Get Busy)
  79. Little X Directing (Get Busy Background)
  80. Sean Paul Footage Singing (Featuring Get Busy)
  81. Sean Paul Talks About Writing (Get Busy Backgrou
  82. Get Busy Video (Featuring Get Busy)
  83. Get Busy Video Ends with Like Glue (Featuring
  84. Like Glue Bumper (Featuring Like Glue)
  85. Like Glue Top of Video (Featuring Like Glue)
  86. Like Glue Video (Featuring Like Glue)
  87. I'm Still in Love Bumper (Featuring I'm Still I
  88. Little X Interview (I'm Still in Love with You B
  89. Sean Paul & Shash Dancing (Featuring I'm Still in
  90. Sean Paul Interview, I'm Still in Love (I'm Sti
  91. I'm Still in Love Video Clip (I'm Still in Love
  92. Sasha Interview (I'm Still in Love with You Back
  93. Sean Paul & Sasha More Dancing (I'm Still in Love
  94. Talking About Sean Paul's Braids (I'm Still in Lo
  95. Sean Paul Singing on Set (I'm Still in Love with
  96. Roc the Mic Bumper (Featuring Top of the Game)
  97. Sean Paul/fahrenheit Backstage
  98. Sean Paul Talking About Food
  99. Sean Paul/snoop Dogg Backstage
  100. Fabulous Dub Plate for Jason
  1. Sean Paul on Stage Roc the Mic (Featuring Gimme T
  2. Brooklyn Parade (Like Glue Background)
  3. Sean Paul on Truck Perf. (Featuring Like Glue)
  4. Beenie on Truck Perf. (Featuring Bossman)
  5. Brooklyn Parade Edit (Featuring Like Glue)
  6. Sean Paul Perf. (Ny) (Featuring Like Glue)
  7. Platinum (Like Glue Background)
  8. Molson Amp. Live Bumper (Featuring Top of the Gam
  9. Fans Arriving & Sean Paul Arriving Backstage (Feat
  10. Sean Paul Backstage Preparing to Perform (Featurin
  11. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Gimme the Light)
  12. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Make It Clap)
  13. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Make It Clap Rem
  14. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Egyptian)
  15. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Close to Me)
  16. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Feel Alright)
  17. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Infiltrate)
  18. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring No Bligh)
  19. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Hot Gal)
  20. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Deport Dem)
  21. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Can You Do the Wo
  22. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Junkin' Punny)
  23. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Shake That Thing
  24. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Concrete)
  25. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Punkie Spanish V
  26. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring I'm Still in Love
  27. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Ever Blazing)
  28. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Like Glue)
  29. Sean Paul Performing
  30. Sean Paul Performing (Featuring Get Busy Rock Ve