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200YEARS TO UNFOLD. 12 YEARS OF RESEARCH TO DISCOVER. 2 YEARS TO CREATE. 8 NIGHTS TO MAKE TELEVISION HISTORY. His name was Kunta Kinte. Kidnapped from Africa and enslaved in America in 1767, he refused to accept his slave name of Toby. Heirs kept his heroic defiance alive, whispering the name of Kunta Kinte from one generation to the next until it reached a young boy growing up in Tennessee. His name was Alex Haley. And he proclaimed Kunta Kinte's name to the world. Through the lineage of one family, Haley and his Pulitzer Prize-winningRoots told a story for all America and the world. Seen by 130-million viewers during its initial U. S. telecasts and the winner of dozens of awards, the David L. Wolper production remains a vital and engrossing entertainment landmark a quarter-century later. Digitally remastered for optimal video and audio presentation from the original elements, Roots will prove to be an unforgettable journey.


AUDIO COMMENTARY: Audio kommentarer sideløbende med video klip BEHIND THE SCENES: Bag kameræt dokumentar: Remembering Roots BONUS FEATURE: "Rødder" stamtræ INTERACTIVE MENUS: Interaktive menuer SCENE ACCESS: Scene Adgang

Medie Film     DVD
Antal enheder × 4
Udgave Standard edition
Udgivet Danmark, 16/02-2017
Oprindeligt udgivet 2002
EAN/UPC 5051895072110
Katalognr. 1000209973
Genre Drama
Estimeret vægt 310 gram
Spilletid 09:24:00
Region Region 2 (Europa)
Lydformat Dolby Digital 2.0 Dolby Digital 1.0
Billedformat 4:3
Sprog Dansk
Originalsprog Engelsk
Undertekster Dansk Engelsk Svensk Norsk Tysk Polsk Hollandsk Fransk Spansk Tyrkisk
Instructor Mel Brooks
Brand Roots