Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman)

Terfel / Kampe / Nikiteanu / Salminen / Jentzsch / Trümpy / Altinoglu

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Bryn Terfel stars in Richard Wagners Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman). This is the first time in the 25 years of Bryns work as an opera singer that he has recorded this milestone in Wagners work. Bryn is surrounded by a stellar cast and crew: the head of the Zurich opera Andreas Homoki staged the production, renowned French conductor Alain Altinoglu takes the musical lead, and Matti Salminen a living legend on the worlds opera stages personifies Daland, with Anja Kampe as Senta. This exceptional recording was made at the Zurich opera house in January 2013.

Medie Musik     MDVD   (Musik-DVD)
Komponist/Instruktør Wagner
Udgivet 19/01-2015
EAN/UPC 0044007351734
Katalognr. 004400735173
Genre Classical
Estimeret vægt 126 gram
Spilletid 01:08:00
Sprog Tysk
Soloist Bryn Terfel