Marriage Of Figaro / Various

W.a. Mozart



Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Komponist/Instruktør Mozart, W.a.
Udgivet Holland, 25/08-2004
EAN/UPC 0095115311325
Katalognr. CHAN3113
Genre Classical
Mål 125 × 142 × 10 mm
Vægt 250 g


  1. Evans, Rebecca - Le Nozze Di Figaro Kv 492 (Figaro
  2. Ouvertuere
  3. Fifteen, Sixteen, Twenty, Thirty (Akt 1)
  4. What on Earth Are You Measuring
  5. Supposing One Evening the Countess
  6. All Right, Shut Up & Listen
  7. Bravo, My Lord & Master!
  8. So, Little Master, You're Dressed to Go Dancing
  9. But Why Did You Wait Till the Day of the Wedding
  10. Now for Vengeance, Glorious Vengeance!
  11. So All is Not Lost
  12. I Bow to Your Grace
  13. Good Riddance, You Old Spinster
  14. I Don't Know What is Tha I'm Feeling
  15. Now I'm Done Fore!
  16. Susanna, Heaven Bless You!
  17. It's Outrageous! Search the Castle!
  18. Basilio, Run & Tell Figaro to Come Here
  19. Praise & Adore Him
  20. So What is All This Nonsense?
  21. Praise A'nd Adore Him
  22. God Bless You!
  23. Here's & End to Your Life As a Rover
CD 2
  1. Hear My Prayer, Humbly I Beg You (Akt 2)
  2. Come Here, Dear Susanna, & Finish Your Story
  3. How It Grieves Me, Susanna
  4. Tell Me What Love is
  5. Bravo, Your Voice is Lovely!
  6. Kneel Down & Let Me Look at You
  7. Enough of This Nonsense!
  8. What Does This Mean?
  9. Come out of There, Susanna!
  10. So You're Proposing Not to Open It?
  11. Don't Worry Cherubino
  12. Look at the Little Devil!
  13. Everything As I Left It
  14. Out You Come, You Vile Seducer
  15. You Called, Sir?
  16. I Cannot Believe It
  17. The Wedding Procession is Ready & Waiting
  18. Oh, My Lord! My Lord!
  19. Noble Lord, We Come for Justice
CD 3
  1. This is Very Perplexing! (Akt 3)
  2. Don't Be Afraid!
  3. How Could You Be So Cruel
  4. But I Don't Understand
  5. Hey, Susanna, How's It Going?
  6. You've Won the Case Already
  7. Must I Be Made to Suffer
  8. Come On, Come On, Cherubino
  9. And Susanna's Not Here
  10. I Remember His Love So Tender
  11. The Case is Decided
  12. Darling Boy, Let Me Embrace You
  13. This is Our Little Baby
  14. I Must Warn You, My Lord
  15. That's Amazing!
  16. ...the Breezes...
  17. That Should Do the Trick!
  18. Gentle Lady, May These Presents
  19. Madam, with Your Permission
  20. Hey, What Did I Tell You!
  21. My Lord, if You Detain These Lovely Girls
  22. Now I Cah Hear Them
  23. As True-hearted Lovers
  24. I Have Lost It, I'm So Stupid (Akt 4)
  25. Barbarina, What's Happened?
  26. Mother!
  27. The Pavilion on the Right
  28. That's Barbarina! Who Goes There?
  29. Everything's Ready; the Hour of Reckoning is at Ha
  30. You Foolish Slaves of Cupid
  31. My Lady, Marcellina Says Fogaro Will Be Here
  32. My Lady, You Are Trembling
  33. At Last, the Moment I've Longed for
  34. Come Quickly My Beloved, I Implore You
  35. Treachery! Now I See How She Has Deceived Me!
  36. I'll Approach Her, Oh So Softly
  37. Here She Is, My Dear Susanna
  38. Now We're Alone Together
  39. Night Shrouds the World in Mystery
  40. I Surrender, My Love
  41. Quickly, Bring Your Weapons!