Boris Karloff Y Las Guadas

Juan Mutant

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet 29/06-2004
EAN/UPC 0634479025709
Label Juan Mutant
Katalognr. CDB5637350179.2
Genre Electronic
Estimeret vægt 124 gram


  1. Process is State Terrorism or Terrorism of State
  2. What Nonsense is Can You Read my Mind?Radio Transmissors
  3. The Day is is over:Centers of Detention
  4. Movie Star Be Quiet:Prisons
  5. The Name of the Game Was...did You Name
  6. Something Else?Death from Natural Causes
  7. What's Your Name You Son of a Bitch
  8. What Happened to Identity
  9. Never Loose:death from asfix
  10. No Items Fullfill:disguised in rape
  11. Change the Ah..password
  12. For That Thanks a Lot
  13. No Names Represented in Time Please
  14. Virus threat number two
  15. What You Mean By That?
  16. Don't Mess With Me
  17. Just a Friend...ego!Emotional Chantage
  18. Fraudolent liasons Subventions
  19. What a Way Down My Friend by Ilicit Fraud
  20. K and K:encovered arrests
  21. Silk:turkish revenge
  22. Prophet:uncovered malicious Ilicit
  23. Nine Inch Wat?Indemnisation on Terrorism
  24. I Am Getting Sick:Finance
  25. The Accident:illegal apremiums
  26. Nothing Turned to Be the Truth
  27. Unloyal Indemnisation
  28. Real World Sponsors
  29. What An Indianapolis Ilicit asosiation of Inrichness ilicits
  30. One Little Two Little Three Little Indiands
  31. I Will Change This Subventional Terrorism
  32. What a Chaos
  33. War in Yugoslavia:trial never knows
  34. Bad Temper Gets You in Trouble Nowadays
  35. I Am Screwed up
  36. Sos:special treatment
  37. Save Our Souls Items
  38. Stock the Product Means
  39. Indiferent Means
  40. Archived Hermaphrodite
  41. Infodata Afrodite
  42. Nothing At All means erased in Rape
  43. What Was This=?
  44. Did Anybody Gave An Explanation About Why?
  45. Little Dots is Variable of logarithm
  46. Microbiotic professionalism
  47. Why?Thoughts on trial
  48. There Is No Reason
  49. Idiot Fashion:school SM
  50. Retarded:you never gave me the oportunity
  51. I Can Hear You
  52. Through the Spacehead
  53. Now His Compu Is Working Fine
  54. Time Error:wrong emphasis
  55. Discordination in sado masoquism
  56. Synchro:lost in translation
  57. Think Also:buy what?
  58. Think For Yourself Item
  59. What a mess
  60. Dots means hostage refugee
  61. Space Traps from Karaokeists
  62. Come On In
  63. Bad Experience:Mind Reader abstraction
  64. Don't Answer to That Question
  65. Means Two Reasons inventory
  66. Investigate in What's Nonsense
  67. This Reason Means Two
  68. One the Idiotic
  69. The Other Means Sense But
  70. Seems the Other Makes Balance to What You Are
  71. And to What You're Not
  72. So You Are Not Being Taken Hostage?
  73. The Fool in the End Turned to Be You
  74. Historical Belief:Trans Atlantic Hostages
  75. I Want to Change My Name
  76. My Father Is Not Himself Anymore
  77. Everybody Is Acting Sense
  78. No Time Folks:means Lies Preprogrammed in Order
  79. Raus!Lies Dilema of timeless heroes
  80. Get Me Out of Here
  81. That Makes Sense
  82. Timeless Heroes
  83. Digital Maniac
  84. Sexopath
  85. The Path That Leads Nowhere But
  86. Fatalism
  87. Bad End
  88. It Was a Bad Movie in the End For Alles
  89. Bondage in Christianity Nowadays
  90. The 90's
  91. Krash!
  92. Watch Out For That Idiot
  93. This Means Something in the Brainnet
  94. What a Disaster Means
  95. Everyone Acting At the Same Time
  96. Dadaism
  97. Problem Kid
  98. Problems Is You in the End
  99. Meanings
  100. Time Changed
  101. Who You Are You're Not
  102. This Trance
  103. Translogic
  104. Can't Go Out
  105. The Sky Is Gone
  106. Dream synchro
  107. Next Kick
  108. Coffee needs more time
  109. Driven to dream land
  110. Dream Action Thought
  111. Fatalistic