The Hits Collection 1945-62

Doris Day

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Udgivet 07/06-2019
EAN/UPC 0824046908225
Katalognr. ACTRCD9082
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 248 gram


  1. Sentimental Journey
  2. My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time
  3. Tain't Me
  4. Till the End of Time
  5. Aren't You Glad You're You?
  6. Come to Baby Do
  7. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)
  8. Day by Day
  9. I Got the Sun in the Mornin' (And the Moon at Night)
  10. The Whole World is Singing My Song
  11. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)
  12. Sooner or Later
  13. Papa, Won't You Dance with Me
  14. Thoughtless
  15. Love Somebody
  16. Confess
  17. Put 'em in a Box, Tie 'em with a Ribbon, and Throw 'em in Th
  18. It's Magic
  19. My Darling, My Darling
  20. Powder Your Face with Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)
  21. Again
  22. Everywhere You Go
  23. (Where Are You) Now That I Need You
  24. Let's Take an Old-fashioned Walk
CD 2
  1. Canadian Capers
  2. There's a Bluebird on Your Windowsill
  3. Quicksilver
  4. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  5. I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers)
  6. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
  7. Hoop-dee-doo
  8. I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, I Fell
  9. A Bushel and a Peck
  10. It's a Lovely Day Today
  11. Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
  12. Shanghai
  13. Domino
  14. A Guy is a Guy
  15. Sugarbush
  16. When I Fall in Love
  17. My Love and Devotion
  18. The Cherries
  19. No Two People
  20. A Full Time Job
  21. Ma Says, Pa Says
  22. Mister Tap Toe
  23. When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along)
  24. Candy Lips
  25. Let's Walk That-a-way
  26. Kiss Me Again, Stranger
  27. A Purple Cow
  28. Choo Choo Train (Ch-ch-foo)
CD 3
  1. Secret Love
  2. The Black Hills of Dakota
  3. Lost in Loveliness
  4. I Speak to the Stars
  5. Someone Else's Roses
  6. If I Give My Heart to You
  7. Anyone Can Fall in Love
  8. Ready, Willing, and Able
  9. Hold Me in Your Arms
  10. Foolishly Yours
  11. Love Me or Leave Me
  12. I'll Never Stop Loving You
  13. Ooh Bang Jiggilly Jang
  14. Let It Ring
  15. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
  16. Julie
  17. Love in a Home
  18. The Party's over
  19. Twelve O'clock Tonight
  20. Teacher's Pet
  21. A Very Precious Love
  22. Everybody Loves a Lover
  23. Tunnel of Love
  24. Love Me in the Daytime
  25. Any Way the Wind Blows
  26. Please Don't Eat the Daisies
  27. Lover Come Back