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Jackson Pap Charlie

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Udgivet 04/10-2019
EAN/UPC 0824046908829
Label Trapeze
Katalognr. ACTRCD9088
Genre Blues
Estimeret vægt 248 gram


  1. Papa's Lawdy Lawdy Blues
  2. Airy Man Blues
  3. Salt Lake City Blues
  4. Salty Dog Blues
  5. The Cats Got the Measles
  6. I Got What It Takes but It Breaks My Heart to Give It Away
  7. Shave Em Dry
  8. Coffee Pot Blues
  9. Mister Man Part I
  10. The Faking Blues
  11. Shake That Thing
  12. I'm Alabama Bound
  13. Drop That Sack
  14. Mama Don't Allow It (And She Ain't Gonna Have It Here)
  15. Take Me Back Blues
  16. Mama, Don't You Think I Know?
  17. Hot Papa Blues
  18. All I Want is a Spoonful
  19. Maxwell Street Blues
  20. I'm Going Where the Chilly Winds Don't Blow
  21. Texas Blues
  22. I'm Tired of Fooling Around with You
  23. Jackson's Blues
  24. Let's Get Along
  25. Butter and Egg Man Blues
CD 2
  1. The Judge Cliff Davis Blues
  2. Mumsy Mumsy Blues
  3. Up the Way Bound
  4. Four Eleven Forty Four
  5. Your Baby Aint Sweet Like Mine
  6. Bad Luck Woman Blues
  7. Salty Dog
  8. Fat Mouth Blues
  9. Gay Cattin'
  10. Coal Man Blues
  11. She Belongs to Me
  12. Skoodle Um Skoo
  13. Sheik of Desplaines Street
  14. Look out Papa Don't Tear Your Pants
  15. Baby, Don't You Be So Mean
  16. Blue Monday Morning Blues
  17. Bright Eyes
  18. I'm Looking for a Woman Who Knows How to Treat Me Right
  19. Long Gone Lost John
  20. Ash Tray Blues
  21. No Need of Knockin' on the Blind
  22. Baby Papa Needs His Lovin'
  23. I Like to Love My Baby
  24. Lexington Kentucky Blues
CD 3
  1. Good Doing Papa Blues
  2. Ma and Pa Poorhouse Blues
  3. Big Feeling Blues
  4. Jungle Man Blues
  5. Corn Liquor Blues
  6. Don't Break Down on Me
  7. Baby Please Loan Me Your Heart
  8. Hot Papa Blues No. 2
  9. We Can't Buy It No More
  10. Tailor Made Lover
  11. Take Me Back Blues No. 2
  12. Tain't What You Do but How You Do It
  13. Forgotten Blues
  14. Papa Do Do Blues
  15. I'll Be Gone Babe
  16. Papa Charlie Jackson and Blind Blake Talk About It Part 1
  17. Papa Charlie Jackson and Blind Blake Talk About It Part 2
  18. Self Experience
  19. You Got That Wrong
  20. You Put It In, I'll Take It out
  21. If I Got What You Want
  22. Skoodle Um Skoo
  23. What's That Thing She's Shaking