Theres a Song in the Air

Monte Rey

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet EU, 30/10-2007
EAN/UPC 5022810192220
Katalognr. AVDR922.2
Genre Easy Listening     Middle Of The Road
Estimeret vægt 186 gram


  1. Donkey Serenade
  2. One Day when We Were Young*
  3. Cosi, Cosa* (With the Ovaltineys)
  4. Alone* (With Geraldo & His Gaucho Tango Orchestr
  5. Russian Rose
  6. Beyond the Blue Horizon** (With the Ovaltineys)
  7. Can I Forget You?**
  8. Vieni, Vieni* (With Phil Green - Accordion)
  9. Jerome Kern Selection* (A) Lovely to Look at (B)
  10. Te Quiero Dijiste* (With Geraldo & His Gaucho Ta
  11. Green Eyes
  12. Grinzing*
  13. Balloons (Who'll Buy My Nice Balloons?) (With Th
  14. One Song* (With Geraldo & His Orchestra & Chorus
  15. The Veteran's Song* (With the Ovaltineys
  16. Come Back My Love
  17. Lamento Borincano (Cuban Moonlight)*
  18. You Belong to My Heart (Solamente Una Vez)
  19. Sweetheart, We'll Never Grow Old
  20. `music for Madame' Film Selection* (A) I Want Th
  21. The Stars Will Remember (So Will I)
  22. El Sombrero De Gaspar* (With the Ovaltineys and
  23. Come to the Fair* (With the Ovaltineys)
  24. Only a Rose* (With Geraldo & His Orchestra)
  25. Love Walked In* (With Geraldo & His Orchestra)
  26. Mia Canzon' D'amore (My Song of Love)
  27. Lady of Spain
CD 2
  1. L'ultima Canzone*
  2. You Are My Heart's Delight*
  3. Viens, Mina, Viens! (Lied Des Venezianischen Gon
  4. Zueignung* (Acoustic Recording)
  5. Passing By*
  6. Ae Fond Kiss*
  7. The March of the Cameron Men*
  8. Vida Mia** (With Geraldo & His Gaucho Tango Orch
  9. Shine Through My Dreams**
  10. O Maiden, My Maiden*
  11. Cara Mia*
  12. Torna a Surriento*
  13. Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms*
  14. The Rose of Tralee**
  15. Santa Lucia
  16. Come to the Ball* (With Chorus)
  17. Where'er You Walk* ('semele')
  18. Miserere* (`il Trovatore') with Soprano (Sung in
  19. Ay, Ay, Ay*
  20. The World is Mine Tonight**
  21. My Heart Will Never Sing Again**
  22. Granada
  23. O Sole Mio* (With Bert Waller - Piano)
  24. Scots Wha Hae* (With Chorus)
  25. Herding Song (With Albert Gordon - Piano)
  26. Annie Laurie* `live' (With Joe Loss & His Orches