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Floor Show

Baxter Dury

The son of the late Ian Dury's sophomore album for the Rough Trade label. Following on from his highly acclaimed debut "Len Parrotts Memorial Lift", Dury proves that this was no fluke. His album "Floor Show" sounds like it was recorded in St Pauls Cathedral, with vocals added in the whispering gallery. Narratively, its seems to be about a disintegrating relationship, although this is no confession booth cupboard emptier. Guitars float like ectoplasm, Wurlitzers spin beneath mirror balls, summoning the presence of spectral beings, swaying to luxurious, narcotic music that predates trip hop by a good sixty years. Stand-out tracks include 'Lisa Said', 'Cocaine Man' and the wonderful 'Francescas Party'. Rough Trade. 2005.

Medie Musik     LP   (LP VINYL)
Udgave Standard edition
Udgivet Danmark, 27/10-2016
EAN/UPC 5050159812011
Katalognr. RTRADL120
Genre Pop
Mål 314 × 314 × 3 mm
Vægt 215 g