Easy Livin: the Singles A's & B's

Uriah Heep

Two CD set featuring the singles, A and B-sides, by this Heavy British Rock band. Perhaps the finest introduction to their own musical world, this collection features 43 tracks including 'Gypsy', 'Lady In Black', 'The Wizard', 'Prima Donna', 'Carry On', 'On The Rebound' and more. Includes many rare single edits and non-album tracks, making it great for fans and perfect for those just starting their own Uriah Heep collections! Castle.


A'S & B'S

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet Storbritannien, 21/11-2006
EAN/UPC 5050749235121
Label Sanctuary/PIASNordic
Katalognr. SACT351.2
Genre Rock
Estimeret vægt 186 gram
Antal tracks 43


  1. Gypsy (Edit)
  2. Wake Up Set Your Sights (Us Edit)
  3. High Priestess (Edit)
  4. Lady in Black (Edit)
  5. Simon the Bullet Freak (Non - Album Euro B-side)
  6. Look at Yourself (Edit)
  7. The Wizard
  8. Easy Livin'
  9. Why (Non-album B-side)
  10. Stealin' (Edit)
  11. Sunshine (Non-album B-side)
  12. Something or Nothing
  13. What Can I Do (Non-album B-side)
  14. Prima Donna
  15. Shout It out (Non-album B-side)
  16. Return to Fantasy (Edit)
  17. Time Will Come (Non-album Euro B-side)
  18. One Way or Another
  19. Misty Eyes
  20. Wise Man
  21. Crime of Passion (Non-album B-side)
  22. Masquerade
  23. Masquerade (Non-album B-side)
  24. Love Or Nothing
  25. Gimme Love (Non-album Euro B-side)
  26. Come Back To Me
  27. Cheater (Non-album B-side)
  28. Right to Live (Non-album Promo Single)
  29. Carry On
  30. Been Hurt (Non-album B-side)
  31. Love Stealer (Non-album A-side)
  32. No Return (Single B-side Edit)
  33. Think It Over
  34. My Joanna Needs Tuning (Non-album B-side)
  35. On the Rebound (Edit)
  36. Tin Soldier (Non-album B-side)
  37. Son of a Bitch (Non-album B-side)
  38. That’S The Way That It Is
  39. Hot Persuasion
  40. Lonely Nights
  41. Weekend Warriors
  42. Stay On Top
  43. Playing for Time (Non-album B-side)
CD 2
  1. Free Me
  2. Masquerade (Non-album B-side)
  3. Love or Nothing
  4. Gimme Love (Non-album Euro B-side)
  5. Come Back to Me
  6. Cheater (Non-album B-side)
  7. A Right to Live (Non-album Promo. Single)
  8. Carry on
  9. Been Hurt (Non-album B-side)
  10. Love Stealer (Non-album A-side)
  11. No Return (Single B-side Edit)
  12. Think It over
  13. My Joanna Needs Tuning (Non-album B-side)
  14. On the Rebound (Edit)
  15. Tin Soldier (Non-album B-side)
  16. Son of a Bitch (Non-album B-side)
  17. That's the Way It is
  18. Hot Persuasion
  19. Lonely Nights
  20. Weekend Warriors
  21. Stay on Top
  22. Playing for Time (Non-album B-side)