Just Don’t Understand

Big Creek Slim

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Just Don't Understand captures a night in the lives of six talented blues musicians, conversely freely in the language of the blues. Leading the proceedings is Big Creek Slim, possessing a booming voice of rugged texture that demands a listeners attention. Big Creek Slim goes where the music takes him, and it requires dedicated, experienced (and courageous) musicians to go there with him. Joining him on this night is the Tomi Leino Trio, featuring Leino on guitar, Jaska Prepula on bass and Mikko Peltola on drums. Troels Jensen contributes piano and vocals (dig the after-hours vibe of the Jensen original, I Keep Drinking) and Peter Nande adds harmonica.

Recorded before 200 enthusiastic fans at Rampelys in Silkeborg, Denmark, Just Don't Understand transports listeners from pre-WWII country blues (which feature a dialect all their own) through to 50s/60s electric blues. The performers bring to life the music of artists as distant and disparate as Charley Patton, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley and Magic Sam, and perform Big Creek Slim original tunes that evoke vintage Chicago blues (Tumbleweeds, I Just Dont Understand) and slinky Caribbean rhythms (Do Somebody Wrong). A memorable night, indeed!

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet 2019
EAN/UPC 5707471063316
Label Straight Shooter Records
Katalognr. SHOT 028
Mål 125 × 142 × 10 mm
Estimeret vægt 124 g

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