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Compact Disc - 5 CD Box Set



Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 5
Specielt cover Box set
Udgivet 11/10-2019
EAN/UPC 8690116301317
Label Particles
Katalognr. PART5CDBOX13
Genre Sixties
Estimeret vægt 372 gram


  1. The Golden Crusaders-come On, Come on
  2. The Tremors- Shame, Shame
  3. The Athenians- Steppin' out
  4. The Blues Council- What Will I Do
  5. Alex Harvey and the Soul Band-ain't That Just Too Bad
  6. Bobby Patrick Big Six--sweet Talk Me Baby
  7. Take Five- Rundown
  8. The Phantoms- Hello Josephine
  9. The Sabres- Keep on Dancing
  10. The Black Ring- Take It or Leave It
  11. The Athenians- Louie, Louie
  12. Isabel Bond-maggie's Farm
  13. The Echo Sounds- Too Late Now
  14. The Blues Council- Baby Don't Look Down
  15. The Mark Five-baby What's Wrong
  16. The Boston Dexters- Nothing's Gonna Change Me- (Previously
  17. The Athenians-i'm a Lover, Not a Fighter
  18. Isabel Bond- Kicked Around
  19. The Mark Five-tango
  20. Campbelltown Zodiacs- Shake
  21. The Athenians-little Queenie
  22. The Tremors- What Would I Do---
  23. The Echo Sounds- You Must Be Joking
  24. The Nomads- Hey Little Girl
  25. The Jaguars- All Your Love
  26. The Phantoms- You Must Believe Me
  27. The Mckinleys- Sweet and Tender Romance
CD 2
  1. The Golden Crusaders- Hey Good Lookin'
  2. Johnny Deen and the Deacons- Shotgun
  3. The Anteeeks- I Don't Want You
  4. The Hi-fi's- I Wanna Hear You Say Yeah
  5. The Luvvers-most Unlovely
  6. The Poets-now We're Thru
  7. The Poor Souls- Please Don't Change Your Mind
  8. The Chevlons-it's My Problem
  9. The Maverix- Time is Like a God- (Previously Unreleased)
  10. The Profile- Haven't They Got Better Things to Do
  11. The Luvvers-house on the Hill
  12. The Road Hogs-very Last Day
  13. Studio Six- I Can't Sleep
  14. The Poets-that's the Way It's Gotta Be
  15. The Profile- Got to Find a Way
  16. The Buzz- I've Gotta Buzz
  17. Alex Harvey-view from the Circle- (Previously Unreleased)
  18. The Senate-i Can't Stop
  19. The Beatstalkers-you'd Better Get a Better Hold on
  20. Gidian with Chris Lamb and the Universals-- Feeling
  21. The Scots of St. James-tic Toc
  22. John Deen and the Trakk-your Whole Life Through
  23. Johnny and the Copycats-pain of Love
  24. The Poor Souls-love Me
  25. Karl Stuart and the Profiles- Love of My Eyes
  26. The Senate-ain't As Sweet As You
CD 3
  1. Studio Six- Don't Tell Lies
  2. The Fifth Column- There's Nobody Here
  3. Dean Ford and the Gaylords-he's a Good Face, but He's Down a
  4. Johnny and the Copycats- I'll Never Regret You
  5. The Vikings- Bad News Feeling--
  6. The Beatstalkers- a Love Like Yours
  7. The Boston Dexters- I Believe to My Soul
  8. James Galt- a Most Unusual Feeling
  9. Alex Harvey-curtains for My Baby
  10. The Big Six- Hang Your Head and Cry
  11. Studio Six- Falling Leaves
  12. The Poets-i Love Her Still
  13. One in a Million-use Your Imagination
  14. O'hara's Playboys- Blue Dog
  15. The Road Hogs-my Generation
  16. The Voice- Train to Disaster
  17. The Buzz-you're Holding Me Down
  18. The Poets-some Things I Can't Forget
  19. The Anteeeks- Ball and Chain
  20. Alex Harvey- I Need You- (Previously Unreleased)
  21. One in a Million- Hold on
  22. Studio Six- People Say
  23. The Tremors- Little Liza Jane
  24. The Chevlons- Too Long Alone
  25. The Stoics- Search for the Sea
  26. The Scenery to Make a Man Cry
CD 4
  1. Jason's Flock- Waterloo Station-(previously Unreleased)
  2. O'hara's Playboys- the Ballad of the Soon Departed
  3. The Scenery- Thread of Time
  4. The Poets-in Your Tower
  5. The Pathfinders- Everyone is Everything-(previously Unreleas
  6. John Deen and the Trakk-man
  7. The Pathfinders- Pumpkin Lantern- (Previously Unreleased)
  8. Hopscotch-look at the Lights Go Up
  9. My Dear Watson- the Shame Just Drained
  10. Studio Six-strawberry Window
  11. The Voice-the Truth
  12. The Pathfinders-to Love Somebody- (Previously Unreleased)
  13. The Marmalade-i See the Rain
  14. The Societie- Bird Has Flown
  15. Cartoone-knick Knack Man
  16. James Galt-with My Baby
  17. Chris Mcclure-meditation
  18. One in a Million- Fredereek Hernando
  19. The Scots of St. James-eiderdown Clown
  20. My Dear Watson-make This Day Last
  21. The Societie- Breaking Down
  22. Grapefruit-ain't It Good
  23. The Stoics-earth, Fire, Air and Water
  24. Jason's Flock- Upside Down, Inside Out- (Previously Unreleas
  25. Lee Drummond-at a Time Like This
  26. The Poets-wooden Spoon
  27. The Beatstalkers-silver Tree Top School for Boys
  28. John Deen and the Trakk- Hey Bulldog
CD 5
  1. Jason's Flock-captain Man (Parts 1 and 2)-(previously Unrele
  2. Alex Harvey-horizons
  3. The Humblebums- Saturday Roundabout Sunday
  4. The Marmalade- Laughing Man
  5. Alex Campbell- Victoria Dines Alone
  6. The Scots of St. James-gypsy
  7. Chris Mcclure- Hazy People
  8. Spiggy Topes- Love in the Wind- (Previously Unreleased)
  9. Alan Trajan- Mental Destruction
  10. James Galt- Comes the Dawn
  11. Alex Harvey- Maybe Some Day
  12. White Trash-illusions
  13. Cartoone- Let Me Reassure You
  14. Tam White-future Thoughts
  15. House of Lords- in the Land of Dreams
  16. Trash-trash Can
  17. Writing on the Wall- Child on a Crossing
  18. Clouds- Make No Bones About It
  19. Alan Trajan-speak to Me Clarissa
  20. The Human Beast- Mystic Man
  21. Charles Brutus Mcclay-ninety Nine Years
  22. N.s.u.-you Can't Take It from My Heart
  23. Alex Harvey- Bond Street Baby