The Cornbread Project

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The Blues, as You Have Never Heard Them Before!

Catawampus, the debut release by The Cornbread Project, involves an idea for a fresh approach to the blues. The Cornbread Project is comprised of musicians/producers Laust Krudtmejer and Peter Nande.

Their concept: Apply contemporary music production techniques samples, loops, beats, etc., as found in R&B, hip-hop, reggae and dancehall to themes from traditional blues and roots music.

Featuring on vocal (in order of appearance): Big Creek Slim, Sahra da Silva, James Harman, Big Joe Louis, Richard Farrell, Troels Jensen, Mud Morganfield.

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet 2019
Label Straight Shooter Records
Katalognr. SHOT 025
Mål 125 × 142 × 10 mm
Estimeret vægt 124 g

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