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Darjeeling Tea-leaves: Poems

Norby Nayar


Candour, humour, sympathy, grace, fluidity characterise the poems of Darjeeling Tea-leaves. They touch the essential or thinner pulse of the reader in nuances of sensations, feelings, thoughts, ideas and gently propel him or her into reflection on situations, people, animals and things with which we share this earth. This book is for men and women of all years and nations who share one of the most satisfactory earthly relationships in their love for literature and the arts in a world of beauty, crudity, absurdity, compassion and cruelty.


Medie Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Udgivelsesdato 21/12-2006
ISBN13 9781425951085
Forlag AuthorHouse
Antal sider 160
Mål 229 × 152 × 9 mm
Vægt 245 gram
Sprog Engelsk har 1 Paperback med Norby Nayar i kataloget.