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Those Silly Butterflies

Kathy Norby


Take a step back in time to 1970: the days of slumber parties, drive-in movies, hot pants, and mini-skirts. When everyone's favorite tunes were played on 45 records, and muscle cars dragged the streets of a small town in southeastern New Mexico. When the Partridge Family was the new musical group on television, and "Love Story" was the movie every teenage girl longed to see. Entering high school with all her insecurities, Jenny Raines soon learns she will have to adjust to many changes. Some will be difficult to understand. Some will be unexpected. But others, well, they will be more than worthwhile. And find out why those silly butterflies keep appearing.


Medie Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Udgivelsesdato 12/11-2008
ISBN13 9781438908878
Forlag AuthorHouse
Antal sider 260
Mål 204 × 129 × 16 mm
Vægt 290 gram
Sprog Engelsk har 1 Paperback med Kathy Norby i kataloget.