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 I Should Have Been a Cat, Because...: for Me, One Life is Not Enough!

01 Dorothee Sargon


Publisher Marketing: At 68, Dorothee Sargon had a daydream which inspired her to begin writing her special story. For her, life was exciting, full of adventure, often stressful and she was often faced with new challenges. She learned to excel in many professions, including those usually associated with men. In this intriguing story, both funny and sad, Dorothee recounts experiences from her private and professional life showing how she carved her successful path through life. The word 'surrender' is not in her vocabulary, so she has continued on her way, even if sometimes the road seemed rocky and hopeless. Dorothee has worked as a Management Apprentice, Shorthand Typist and Clerk; Au Pair in America; Administrator, Secretary and Personal Assistant. She has managed and run a bicycle shop and a newsagents; has worked as a self-employed Beautician; and a Specialist Teacher for Sports Massage; and, together with her husband and also alone, she has owned and run a petrol station. And, as well as undertaking many full-time jobs, she has managed to cope with all that life has thrown at her as a little girl during and after the war, a young woman growing up, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. Looking back, she says: "For me, one life is not enough."


Medie   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Udgivet   14/04-2015
ISBN13   9781511673730
Forlag   Createspace
Antal sider  242
Mål   203 × 133 × 13 mm
Vægt   254 gram
Sprog   Engelsk