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 Shadow of a Man: Enter the Psyche of the Vagabond

Steve Dawson


Like your shadow beside you, the homeless linger in abeyance, ignored, overlooked and regarded as less than human. In Shadow of a Man, Steve Dawson examines the homelessness in Denver from the perspectives of the streetwalkers themselves. He records the experiences, thoughts and pain word for word as he wanders the streets, a drifter amongst drifters. Dawson's account offers a graphic, unedited description of life on the streets, illustrating the tactics that these wayward wanderers utilize to endure the challenges that we take for granted everyday. Depicting these people's own perceptions of reality reveals how one's mind can be shattered, and existence can be forgotten in our ever benevolent society. The results are powerful passages that will leave you pondering in astonishment. Steve Dawson is a freelance writer and documentarian. He spent many months on the wintry streets of Denver, Colorado interacting with the dispossessed. On the verge of being homeless himself, he set out to learn the ways of his inevitable demise. His B. A. in Communications made it possible to delve into the minds and thoughts of the downtrodden. As a published poet, his words flow across the page which enabled him to reveal truths about these vagabonds that were once hidden in the depths of shadows. His discoveries changed his entire life.


Medie   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Udgivet   17/11-2005
ISBN13   9781598580907
Forlag   Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Antal sider  244
Mål   229 × 152 × 14 mm
Vægt   363 gram
Sprog   Engelsk