Super Attractor: A 52-Card Deck - Gabrielle Bernstein - Bøger - Hay House Inc - 9781401957827 - 5/11-2019

Super Attractor: A 52-Card Deck

Gabrielle Bernstein

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Super Attractor: A 52-Card Deck

Being a Super Attractor means that what you believe is what you receive. This 52-card deck will inspire you to live a life filled with joy, grace, ease, and strength, and start manifesting your dreams into reality. Anytime you want guidance, simply shuffle the deck, choose a card, and have faith in the guidance you receive.


Illustrations, unspecified

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Released USA, 5/11-2019
ISBN13 9781401957827
Publisher Hay House Inc
Pages 1
Dimensions 291 × 169 × 27 mm
Weight 280 g
Language English  
Illustrator Ezra, Micaela (Illustrator)

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