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Wind / Pinball: Two Novels

Haruki Murakami


Marc Notes: The book is a completely new translation (by Ted Goossen) of Haruki Murakami's novels HEAR THE WIND SING (originally published in Japan as Kaze no uta o kike in 1979) and PINBALL, 1973 (originally published in Japan as 1973 nen no pinboru in 1980). Knopf is publishing them together as WIND/PINBALL in hardcover in August 2015; This is a Borzoi book; The debut short novels--nearly thirty years out of print-- by the internationally acclaimed writer, newly retranslated and in one English-language volume for the first time, with a new introduction by the author. These first major works of fiction by Haruki Murakami center on two young men--an unnamed narrator and his friend and former roommate, the Rat. Powerful, at times surreal, stories of loneliness, obsession, and eroticism, these novellas bear all the hallmarks of Murakami's later books, giving us a fascinating insight into a great writer's beginnings, and are remarkable works of fiction in their own right. Here too is an exclusive essay by Murakami in which he explores and explains his decision to become a writer. Prequels to the much-beloved classics A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance Dance Dance, these early works are essential reading for Murakami completists and contemporary fiction lovers alike--; Provided by publisher. Biographical Note: HARUKI MURAKAMIwas born in Kyoto in 1949 and now lives near Tokyo. His work has been translated into more than fifty languages, and the most recent of his many international honors is the Jerusalem Prize, whose previous recipients include J. M. Coetzee, Milan Kundera, and V. S. Naipaul." Review Citations: Library Journal Prepub Alert 03/15/2015 pg. 83 (EAN 9780385352123, Hardcover) Publishers Weekly 06/08/2015 (EAN 9780385352123, Hardcover) Kirkus Reviews 06/15/2015 (EAN 9780385352123, Hardcover) Contributor Bio:  Murakami, Haruki Haruki Murakami is a prolific writer of novels and short stories, including "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World", which won the prestigious Tanizaki Prize.


Medie Hardcover   (Bog med hård ryg)
Udgivet 04/08-2015
ISBN13 9780385352123
Forlag Knopf Publishing Group
Genre Topical > Adolescence / Coming of Age
Antal sider 256
Vægt 408 gram
Sprog Engelsk