Ella & Louis

Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrongâs career began nearly 15 years before Ella Fitzgeraldâs. In fact, Louis was one of Ellaâs first musical idols and even at the early stages of her career she would perform a song in her program (usually âBasin Street Bluesâ) imitating Louisâ voice. This routine â which can be heard and seen on different live performances by Ella â is her humorous way of paying homage to Louis. By the early forties, Ella was already a well-known star. Although both Ella and Louis had probably met and performed together previously, they wouldnât be heard on record together until January 18, 1946, when they waxed a single 78 rpm disc coupling âThe Frim Fram Sauceâ with âYou Wonât Be Satisfiedâ (the latter has been included here as a bonus). Although they scored a hit on the latter track, they wouldnât return to the studio together until

four years later. On August 25, 1950 they recorded âCan Anyone Explainâ and a second hit, âDream a Little Dream on Meâ. Another studio session was made that year, and four titles were cut: âNecessary Evilâ, âOopsâ, âWould You Like to Take a Walkâ and âWho Walks in (When I Walk out)â. This time the results were worse than on the previous attempts, mainly because of the low quality of the songs. This would dramatically change on the three LPs they made between 1956 and 1957, which complete their collective discography â with the sole exception of two live songs (âYou Wonât Be Satisfiedâ and âUndecidedâ) recorded at a Hollywood Bowl concert on August 15, 1956. Those memorable albums were Ella & Louis (presented here), its sequel Ella & Louis Again and the selection of tunes from George Gershwinâs folk opera Porgy &

Bess. While the latter utilized a big orchestra conducted by Russell Garcia, the first two albums were made in a small group format. And what an incredible small group! The Oscar Peterson Trio, featuring Herb Ellis and Ray Brown (who had been Ellaâs husband) received the addition of drummers Buddy Rich (on the first album) and Louie Bellson (on the second). The results: some of the most fascinating jazz music ever produced.



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